Employee Provident Fund is government retirement benefit scheme where every individual who is getting salary in private or government service contributes a definite amount of his salary into a account known as Provident fund account for his Retirement. It is known with many short or full names in India including PF (Provident Fund), EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization), etc.

Employee of every small or large Organisations can participate in this scheme to get the benefits after retirement from his/her job. As per government rules and regulation, a company who has 20 or more employees is required to register with EPFO.

EPF (Provident Fund) amount or Interest Rates

Every employee contributes 12% of his/her basic salary into Provident Fund account and employer also contributes the same value in employee PF account. 8.33% out of 12% which contributed by employer goes into Employee Pension Scheme and rest of the amount goes into employee PF account as per government rules. the amount in PF account also gets an interest of about 8% per annum. This is a tax free income / saving which comes under Section 80 as per Income Tax Law.

EPF member login / Registration

In today digital world, Indian Government comes with many online portals where every Indian check and raise their request/complaint to get instant feedback. EPF department also has very good and faster servicing website where every employee who contribute toward Provident Funds can login and check their PF account details online. The same are also available on Mobile Apps.

Facilities available in EPF member login portal

  • New Registration of EPF account
  • PF balance check
  • PF balance transfer to another PF account
  • PF claim status
  • UAN ( Universal Account Number ) activation
  • PF amount transfer into bank account with UAN login

EPF member Portal login links

EPF has many links where you can login and get required information about your PF account. Refer below mentioned links to get more details

  • EPF member login: http://member.epfoservice.in
  • EPF login for employees to make online payment: http://esews.epfoservice.in
  • EPF employee claim status, claim process and verification: http://employerclaims.epfoservice.in
  • EPF UAN Activations or EPF UAN Login: http://uanmembers.epfoservice.in

What is UAN?

UAN also called Universal Account Number which is allocated to each EPF contributor by EPFO department. EPF department started this service few months ago to avoid the multiple PF account to one individual. With UAN number each employee can transfer his/her balance to another PF account and also continue the same PF account in new company or employer.