EPFO UAN Login, EPF Member Portal Login, PF Account Login

UAN (Universal Account Number) is called Universal Account Number allocated to every EPFO member in India. This service has been launched by EPFO department few month ago and it highly liked by the members of department. UAN (Universal Account Number) is a unique number against every Provident Fund account number where EPF member can take multiple benefits related to their account. With UAN (Universal Account Number) number, it’s easy to track the multiple Provident Fund accounts online. You can know your UAN (Universal Account Number) on Employee Provident Fund Organization website or mentioned your Provident Fund account number in comment to know the same.

What is UAN Number or UAN Account Number?

The UAN portal/service launched by EPFO few months ago (December 2016) but stills many people in India yet not knows the process or benefits of UAN portal. UAN is known as Universal Account Number (22 Digits) which is allocated to every EPFO member who is working in Private or Governmental Offices.

How to Generate UAN number or UAN registration or Know you’re UAN Number?

Individual who want to know or generate or register the UAN number in India, can easily do it by visiting Employee Provident Fund Organization website.

For UAN Number Activation: Click on Activate UAN (Universal Account Number) link and you will get new windows where you need to fill your Employee Provident Fund account details, Personal Details, PAN Number and Email ID. After submitting the information your will get a PIN number on your registered mobile number. After submitting PIN number user need to generate the password to login the UAN portal (Password must be strong so nobody can easily find it). After doing this final step your UAN number activated with immediate effect. User can login into UAN Unified portal after activating his/her UAN number.

To Know your UAN Number: Some people already registered for UAN (Universal Account Number) number by himself or by employer but they don’t know their UAN (Universal Account Number) number. It’s very easy to know your UAN number; you just need to spend 10 min on Employee Provident Fund Organization website. Click on Know Your UAN link and you will get new windows where your need to fill the below mentioned information:-

PF Member ID:

Aadhaar Number:

PAN Number:

PF Member Name:

Date of Birth(As per Records):

Registered Mobile Number:

Email ID:


After filling above mentioned information, you will get your UAN (Universal Account Number) number on Mobile or Email ID.

UAN Unified Portal Benefits and Features for Member

Before UAN Unified Portal, there is many problem has been faced by Employee Provident Fund member to know their Provident Fund account details. Government takes step/decision to enhance the user experience or user satisfaction, they launched UAN Unified Portal for Employee or Employer. Here are the top benefits of UAN Unified Portal for employees:-

Link All Provident Fund Account: If any Provident Fund member has multiple accounts due to him/her worked with multiple employers

PF Account Balance Transfer: Employee Provident Fund member can transfer his/her old account balance into new PF account numbers and he just need to fill the one form if he want to withdraw his/her Provident Fund amount.

Update Address, Personal Details, and ID Proof: Employee Provident Fund member/PF member can easily update his/her current address/personal details/latest ID proof details in UAN Unified portal.

Track Monthly Contribution of Employee and Employer: With UAN (Universal Account Number) number you can track how much amount has been deposit into your account by employer as Employee Contribution & Employer Contribution.

Online Statement or Passbook: UAN member can easily view and download the statement or Passbook of his/her Provident Fund.

How to Register or Generate Your UAN (Universal Account Number) Online?

Its very easy to register or generate your UAN (Universal Account Number) online. Every Employee Provident Fund (EPFO) member who has Provident Fund account number can register or generate UAN number online. Go to UAN Unified Login Portal and you will see link activate Your UAN Number and fill the below mentioned information:-

PF Member ID:

Aadhaar Number:

PAN Number:

PF Member Name:

Date of Birth(As per Records):

Registered Mobile Number:

Email ID:


You will get your UAN number on your mobile number through SMS service.

UAN Generation by Employer Online

Employee Provident Fund department give the exclusive rights to employer where they can easily generate the bulk of multiple UAN account number of their employee through UAN Unified Portal. Employer required below mentioned little information to generate any UAN account number:-

PF Account Number

Mobile Number

Email ID (Official or As per Records)

Date of Joining

UAN number activation by the Employer

Every employer has rights in UAN Unified Portal to activate the multiple UAN account number of their employees. Employer can do it in few minute by login their UAN account on UAN Unified Portal of EPFO department. They need to fill the basic field of portal like:-

UAN Number

PF (Provident Fund) account number

Registered Mobile Number

Date of Joining the Company

How to Get UAN number without Internet?

Every employer has record of their employee PF numbers and UAN numbers allocated against PF account numbers. Employee can get his/her UAN number by contacting HR department of employer along with Provident Fund contribution, Salary Breakup details.

How to Know UAN number Online?

A person enrolled into Employee Provident Fund scheme check his / her UAN number online by visiting UAN unified portal where he / she need to fill Provident Fund account number along with Name, Date of Birth and Mobile Number.

How to Login to UAN Unified Portal?

Want to access your UAN account online..! It’s very easy for everyone; you need to visit Employee Provident Fund Organization official website https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/ on laptop or desktop. Enter your login detail (UAN number and Password) and click on sign in button in green color. You will see home page of UAN portal in next window.

How to Download the UAN Account Passbook?

 An employee can download the Statement / Passbook of his/her Provident Fund online through UAN Unified Portal. Here are the steps to download it :-

Login to UAN account by visiting on https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/ , then click on view button and you will see passbook option in menu, click on it and get your latest statement or passbook of PF account.

How to get new password of UAN portal if you lost or forgot old password?

If you lost or forgot your UAN account password or don’t know about your last password…don’t be panic. Getting new UAN account password is very simple steps. Go to Employee Provident Fund official website (https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/memberinterface/) and you will see forgot password option in below the login screen. Click on forgot password and you will see new window where you need to fill the basic information about your account which is:-

UAN Number

Enter Captcha (as show on screen in Image)

After filling the above mentioned information, click on submit button. You will be forward to new screen on same web page where you see your registered mobile number as 98XXXXXX58. If displayed mobile number is correct then click on Yes button to get the OTC number on your registered mobile number.

You will get a SMS from sender ID VK-EPFOHO with text mentioned in SMS “Dear Raman Saini, Your OTC Pin is 9268. Enter the pin to set a new password for your account”.

Enter the OTC on web page and generate your new password to get access to your UAN account.

UAN Unified Portal Login Interface and Feature for Employee or Member

When you login to UAN Unified Portal first time but you don’t know which option is made for what purpose, so here we are going to explain you the benefits and use of each option available in UAN Unified Portal for employee / member.

List of Option / Menu Available in UAN Portal

  1. View
    1. Profile
    2. Service History
    3. UAN Card
    4. Passbook
  2. Manage
    1. Contact Details
    2. KYC
  3. Account
    1. Change Password
  4. Online Service
    1. Claim (Form-31, Form-19, Form-10C)

Here is detail about each option mentioned in above table:-

Option 1(A) – View>Profile – By clicking on this option, you will see the basic information about your profile including UAN number, Name, Date of Birth, Father/Husband Name, Gender, Registered Mobile Number, Registered Email ID, Qualification, Marital Status. In this section, all the information shown as per EPFO office records which is provided by you in the Provided Fund account opening form. If you want to update the profile detail you can only change your registered mobile number and email ID online.

Option 1(B) – View>Service History – In this option, you can see your service history or Provident Account which his linked to your UAN number.

Option 1(C – View>UAN Card – By clicking on UAN Card option, you will see a PDF document shown on same webpage as shape of Card. You can download it or Print it to keep in your pocket.

Option 1(D) – View>Passbook – By clicking on this option, you will see the message on webpage “Passbook available at www.epfindia.gov.in >> Our Services >> For Employees >> Member Passbook”

Option 2(A) – Manage>Contact Details – In this section you can change your contact information including mobile number and email ID. Just click on Change Email-ID / Change Mobile No box and fill your new contact details then click on Get Authorization Pin button.

Option 2(B) – Manage>KYC – In this option/section you can add your identification document details which will be link to your UAN number.

Option 3(A) – Account>Change Password – In this section, you can change your login password.

Option 4(A) – Online Service>Claim Form (31/19/10C) – These form can be used to withdraw the PF amount by submitting online forms. These forms introduced by Employee Provident Fund few days ago and there is a only single form need to filled for PF withdraw.

Option 4(B) – Online Claim Status – There you can track your online claim applicable status.